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I am a Vietnamese-American illustrator and best friend currently based in Oakland, CA. I focus on color and shape to communicate. I love telling all kinds of stories, but especially ones about interpersonal relationships, science, and cultural history.

< I also like tactical rpgs, printmaking, cooking, and every kind of dumpling. >

Let’s work together:


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Select clients include:

  • The Atlantic, Medium, VICE, Buzzfeed, Goldstar, Eater, Narratively, APIENC, The Outline, Portland Mercury, East Bay Express, GrowerTalks Magazine, Virginia Living Magazine, Hold The Line Magazine

Store: INPRNT / Gumroad

Education : Virginia Commonwealth University < BFA in Communication Arts, Minor in Printmaking >


  • Color Anthropology, Light Grey Art Lab

  • Midnight, Light Grey Art Lab

  • Fortune, Light Grey Art Lab

  • Bower Bird, Light Grey Art Lab

  • Emerging Printmakers Show, Studio 23